Whether you've been thinking about University for a while, or just here to think about researching a career path for the future, Flight is here to help you find the perfect route.

Studying at University should be some of the most satisfying years of your life, but there are lots of factors that make it rewarding.

There are over 200 Universities in the UK, and Flight has information on over 30,000 courses to choose from...so, how do you choose the perfect course for you?

Of course, right now you're thinking about the nightlife, meeting new people, having fun, and of course, slotting in a bit of learning, but there are many more factors you may not have thought about.

The priority of going to University is to study; using the knowledge to achieve 'that' perfect career, a career that you will be in for a long time hopefully, so already, you can see the importance of getting this right from the off.

In the last few years, 48% of students who left University said they regretted their decision to go to University, and over 40% said they didn't need their degree to do their current job. But research has also shown that people with a degree, earn on average 18% more than people without, suggesting that the 40% of students in question didn't land the job they aspired to after leaving University. Research also revealed that 58% of students did improve their prospects because of their degree.

Here's our guide to making the right choice

What do you want to achieve from going to University?

One of the main reasons for going to University is based around a career ambition, as many professions require you to have a degree as a minimum. Use Flights Careers section to research your perfect career and see what the minimum requirements are to achieving your goal.

Not sure what sort of career you want yet? That's fine, but choose a course or subject that you are interested in, career options will open up once you have finished your studies.

Research, research research!

You enjoy Chemistry, but rule out a course in 'Chemistry, Green Principles, and Sustainable Processes' because you don't know what it involves...maybe that course was perfect for you, and could have potentially led onto the most fulfilling career you could have ever dreamt of. Take your time, research your findings, and open your mind up to all sorts of exciting possibilities.

University Rankings

When we talk about the best-ranked Universities in the UK, we automatically think of Oxford and Cambridge (right?). But did you know that Bristol University ranked top 10 in the UK, in over 10 subjects in 2020, or that to be an actor, you're probably best studying at Lancaster University?

Flight allows you to filter and rank found courses, in order of:

  • Overall UK Ranking - How the University scored against other in the country.
  • Student Satisfaction - A students view of how good the teaching is.
  • Graduate Prospects - How many students are successful in achieving a career after finishing University.
  • Entry Standards - The level of grades entering the University course (from colleges).

Remember to rank order your results by what is most important to you!

Research the University

Flight will present lots of information about the University and its courses to you, but use the web browser icon to look at the University website to get a feel for how they present themselves, if the University has a modern or traditional feel, or if they are results-based or community-focused.

Use the internet to source more information on success stories, student voice, and location etc.

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